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MDC 2910-6 Series Radar

MDC 2910-6

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MDC-2910P Series Radar features superior performance designed for the professional.

MDC-2900 Series provides outstanding performance and clear image with 19-inch high resolution SXGA display plus anti-reflection coating. MDC-2900BB Black Box radars connect to any SXGA type display(owner supplied).

These radars feature sophisticated "Strong Signal Processing" for real-time presentation and superior target discrimination. This special signal processing provides a steady image even in case of unstable targets.

Other superior features are Enhance (ENH), Interference Rejection (IR), Range Rings (RR), VRM, EBL, Trail (True/Rel), Off centering, Echo alarm, NAV line , Coast line, Route map, Guard zone, Monitor output, VDR output. Interswitch function for connecting two radar displays without an extra device. ARPA functions except Trial maneuver function are provided.

  • MDC-2900P Series (IMO Radar)
    • Designed to comply with new IMO regulation MSC-192(79) and meet SOLAS carriage requirements for ships up to 10,000 gross tons.
    • 12 kW or 25 kW's of power with 4-ft, 6-ft or 9-ft open antenna.
      (The IMO approval is in progress.)
  • MDC-2900 Series (non-IMO Radar)
    • Features MAP overlay with C-MAP NT+ or NT MAX chart.
    • 6 kW, 12 kW or 25 kW's of power with 4-ft, 6-ft or 9-ft open antenna.

  • Both feature
  • 19-inch high-resolution SXGA color LCD provides outstanding performance and clear image with anti-reflective coating.
  • Koden's new signal processing technology for real-time smooth head-up presentation and superior target discrimination. It virtually eliminates unwanted noise to provide a clear detailed image of targets and enhances the detection of smaller targets.
  • Built-in AIS interface displays up to 254 targets.
  • Built-in ATA tracks up to 60 targets.
  • Accommodates optional full-function second station.
  • Also feature: True Trail function, CFAR function, Past Position function, Interswitch function, PI, ERBL, ENH, IR, RR, VRM, EBL, Guard Zone, Easy Operation and more.
  • Black Box models also available.

Full system (including display) $16,149.00   Black box version $14,149.00

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