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MDC 1810-6 Series Radar

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Best suited for ocean going mid-size vessels.


  • A non-reflection, large size 18-inch high-resolution flat panel display provides a flicker-free, non-fading picture, minimizing operator's eye fatigue. Display color can be changed for daytime or nighttime operation.
  • Hands-free operation from cumbersome adjustment such as setting up TUNING, STC, GAIN, etc.
  • High definition picture available even on the short-range scales, 1/2 NM down to 1/8 NM. This is a powerful feature for harbor and docking operations.
  • Map functions: Nav Lines, Maps and Coastlines overlaid on the screen
  • Picture offset to any point within 2/3 of the screen radius to gain more viewing range
  • Collision assessment using the built-in EPA (Electronic Plotting Aid) function in vector form
  • One-key-one-function plus menu for easy operation.
  • Splash proof display

Full system (including display) $9,449.00    Black Box system $7,379.00

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